Tinyiko Mageza on compelling marketing for diverse audiences

Marketing to diverse audiences effectively helps brands to remain authentic and relevant at every human touchpoint, where data helps to make more informed marketing decisions. Tinyiko Mageza, Marketing Executive at the V&A Waterfront, shares some of the ways that they collaborate and create messaging for their various audiences.

“By virtue of us collaborating with this partner, they need to walk away from it feeling fulfilled, feeling respected, and that they actually got some value out of it, in addition to the financial.”

Tinyiko Mageza, Marketing Executive of the V&A Waterfront

As a neighbourhood, a shopping hub, and a waterfront, they engage with many audiences, from shoppers, businesses, sustainability stakeholders, and many others. She shares some of the ways that they work effectively with their agency partners and creative minds across various industries.

Tinyiko Mageza’s marketing career spans over 16 years, where she held senior and executive-level marketing roles at SAB, Hollard Insurance and Standard Bank South Africa.

In this episode, she also shares how they collect, use and gather insights from customer, partner, and stakeholder data to make informed marketing decisions.

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