Jessica Wheeler

Capturing attention in a saturated market demands brave messaging. This challenge is especially prominent in marketing, where the interplay between creativity, risk-taking, and strategic audience engagement is essential. Jessica Wheeler, the Marketing Director of Nando’s South Africa, brings a fresh perspective to this dynamic, sharing her journey from the agency side to a brand-focused role and the profound insights she gained.

Jessica’s move from agency life to Nando’s was a journey marked by unexpected lessons and deep realisations. “The way Nando’s is perceived externally is exactly how it operates internally,” she reflects. This statement underscores Nando’s unwavering commitment to authenticity. The brand’s internal culture, defined by creativity, bravery, and the freedom to make mistakes, mirrors the dynamic environment of an agency, making her transition both smooth and enlightening.


During our conversation, Jessica delves into how Nando’s collaborates with agency partners to create the brave and impactful work we’ve discussed in previous episodes with industry experts like Ahmed Tilly, Ivan Moroke, and their collaborations with creative minds such as Bonolo Chepape.

Watch our conversation to discover how you can better resonate with your audience:

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