Creating viral content that increases ROI and wins customers with Mike Sharman

Creating viral brand content has many advantages, including winning customers, generating sales and being part of real human conversations. Co-founder of Retroviral, Mike Sharman joins us to share how they have successfully created compelling, viral, award-winning brand content for over 12 years.

We talk about the thinking behind some of their latest work for Kreepy Krauly, Checkers, and other brands. He cites the significance of trust between clients and their agency partners in creating brave messaging that mirrors life.
In many instances, the idea of virality is thought to be the space of consumer-facing brands but Mike Sharman shares cases that disprove this theory. He uses a PWC report and Allan Gray as examples of B2B brands that create meaningful human connections in their messaging.

“Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to move at the speed of relevance,” says Mike Sharman.

This episode also covers his latest book titled Brandalism, where he persuades brands to cannibalise what they have created in an age that ignores and avoids advertising.
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