Crisis Management

Lebo Madiba

Explore the power of storytelling in branding with Lebo Madiba on The Lead Creative Podcast. Host Mongezi Mtati and Madiba delve into what makes brand storytelling a critical aspect of marketing strategy, shedding light on the success stories of emerging brands post-COVID. Madiba’s journey from a passionate reader to the helm of PR Powerhouse offers…

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Crafting Connections and Shaping Perceptions Through Brand Storytelling

Discover the transformative power of brand storytelling in the latest episode of the Lead Creative Podcast, where host Mongezi Mtati welcomes Lebo Madiba, the visionary founder of PR Powerhouse. Delve into how storytelling is not just a marketing tool but a strategic framework that brands like Nike, Checkers Sixty60, and SweepSouth use to weave their…

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