Lorato Tshenkeng

Lorato Tshenkeng joins us to share some strategies to avoid and plan for a communications crisis.

Communicating during a brand crisis requires a thought-out strategy with key messaging that goes beyond a scripted PR message. Communications specialist and CEO of Decode Communications, Lorato Tshenkeng joins us to talk about some strategies to avoid and plan for a communications crisis.

They have worked with some leading brands including Nissan, Brand South Africa and the Nelson Mandela Foundation on a series of communication, digital and media relations projects. Citing some of the recent stories on social media such as PSL and the now infamous Adam Catzavelos, Lorato says planning for any eventuality may help brands to navigate their way through a crisis.

“Accountability language”, he says, goes a long way in showing that the brand or organisation takes ownership and remorse in instances when they’ve erred, which helps to calm many crisis situations.

“PR is not what you say but what you do. The way you conduct yourself in business ought to be your PR machinery.”

“Brands tend to fail at using accountability language, such as apologising, and this causes crises.”

Lorato Tshenkeng

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