Sechaba Khoaele

Some brands create advertising that resonates, and wins a share of wallets and hearts, while others fall flat and lose their popularity. Sechaba Khoaele, the Executive Creative Director of Six Fingaz shares some insights about why this is.

They have worked many leading brands including the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Kaya FM, Philips, BP and many others. Sechaba believes that when you hire the right people you are more likely to create work that is culturally relevant.

“The knowledge and understanding of data helps to solve many creative and technical problems.”

Sechaba Khoaele, ECD of Six Fingaz

Sechaba cites Bathu as an industry disruptor that understands how to be culturally relevant and taps into the market by being unique and current. He also mentions Coca-Cola as one of the leaders in understanding and using cultural nuances to appeal to customers.

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