Collaborating with content creators

Content creators bring their unique and authentic essence to brand messaging in a way that wins over audiences. Comedian and content creator, Donovan Goliath shares his experiences of collaborating with brands and agencies. Castle Lite, Dove, Defy, Standard bank, and others trust Donovan Goliath with their branded content.

He talks about how these collaborations and brand relationships continue to help him refine his art as a content creator.

“If brands became more relatable, started telling stories that resonate with people. That’s going to win.”

Donovan Goliath

An open mind and collaboration are key to getting compelling brand content that helps brands engage their audience. Donovan believes that if brands became more relatable and showed more empathy, they would win over more people. Instead of attempting to reach masses, brands and agencies should work toward deep and real human insight.

“Research would help brands and agencies in finding the right content creators to collaborate with.”

Donovan Goliath

We also discussed the challenges of impostor syndrome that Donovan Goliath says he sometimes grapples in his journey as a creative, which is something we also relate with. He also talks about his most preferred platforms, with Instagram taking the lead.

Donovan Goliath was nominated for the Content Creator of the Year Award in the DStv Content Creator awards.

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