Compelling presentations that inspire action

Rich Mulholland, the internationally sought-after speaker, author and entrepreneur, shares techniques for presentations that inspire action and get remembered by audiences.

Bringing your creative ideas to life is an impressive feat, but presenting them in a way that inspires action is what truly counts. This is where Rich Mulholland, the internationally sought-after speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Missing Link, comes in. Rich has captivated audiences in over 40 countries on six continents and continues to do so with his unique approach to presenting.

Rich Mulholland on changes that came with the pandemic

Rich and his team have been training business leaders to improve their presentation skills for almost three decades. He challenges the popular belief that storytelling is the key to engaging audiences, instead coining the term “storyselling” from his book, Here Be Dragons.

“The leading hurdle to being a better presenter, a better stage storyteller, is that you think you are good enough. It’s the curse of knowledge.”

~ Rich Mulholland, Founder of Missing Link

In this podcast episode, we delve into Rich’s insights on how to become a more compelling presenter, whether in-person or online. He shares some of his techniques and strategies on how businesspeople, sales teams, and creative professionals can improve their presentation skills and inspire action from their audiences.

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