Being relevant as a content creator

Creating content that resonates in mainstream media takes empathy and relevance which are not always easy to muster.

The Founder of Ndlovukazi Concepts, content creator, and seasoned producer, Nonhlanhla Dlamini shares how she remains relevant while creating and adapting TV content.

She had pivotal director and producer roles in many popular South African shows including Khumbul’ Ekhaya, Date My Family, and the recent globally successful series; Young, Famous & African. Nonhlanhla says she spends time with people who are part of the target audience for her content, which helps to refine the concepts.

“Our biggest audience is in the townships”, she tells Mongezi Mtati, while describing why some content misses the mark by not appealing to its audience.

“Identify your audience and the story you want to tell, and hone in on that.” ~ Nonhlanhla Dlamini

Mongezi also asks her about the significance of data that informs TV channels about the kinds of shows they should create. They also discuss the realness of Reality TV and other insights.

“The best way to get through to a people – with your content – is to show the people themselves.” ~ Nonhlanhla Dlamini, Content Creator and Founder of Ndlovukazi Concepts

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