Design thinking in brand and digital strategy

Design thinking as a collaborative approach to solving business problems has led to better brand strategy, effective digital marketing and improved brand communication.

Strategy Director at Rogerwilco, Craig Hannabus, was one of the early adopters of design thinking and often uses the discipline to help brands rethink their strategy.

We discuss the collaborative nature of design thinking and its influence on customer experience, as well as some brands that use it. He mentions how Netflix and Apple utilise this approach to understand their customers.

“An important shift in mindset needs to be that brand is experience, that if you look after your brand, you look after it holistically. It’s a shift away from the narrow view of what brand strategy is.”

Craig Hannabus, Strategy Director at Rogerwilco

Craig also shares experiences of when a brand saved millions by better understanding their customers following a series of design thinking workshops and research, as well as instances when client perspectives changed because of collaboration among teams.

Craig Hannabus
Craig Hannabus – “Design thinking is structuring the obvious.” ~ Craig Hannabus

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