Re-imagine work and rethink creative collaboration

Teams that create the most compelling work and win customers tend to be part of businesses that constantly rethink their systems and engagement.

Co-Founder and Director of BetterWork, Palesa Sibeko tells us how they help creative teams, businesses, and organisations to reimagine how they work.

Palesa and the BetterWork team encourage organisations to re-imagine how their systems work and if those still serve the teams, as well as how they can make work better. We also talk about some of their findings and comparisons of team dynamics between now and before COVID, whether people wanted to return to the office, and how that transition has been.

“Every person can be creative, you just have to give them the right environment.” – Palesa Sibeko

“What gets rewarded contributes to the behaviour, and consequently, influences the culture.” – Palesa Sibeko, Co-Founder and Director at BetterWork

If you are looking for better ways to collaborate with your team, rethink how you work, and keep people engaged, listen to this episode wherever you get your podcasts. There are also nuggets about how advertising agencies and creative teams can help their staff improve the quality of their work.

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