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Dean Carlson, CEO and Founder of BrainFarm, shares how he created memorable experiences that saw Sir Richard Branson, Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Ariely, Nassim Taleb and Will.I.Am become speakers on platforms that he conceptualised.

Whether you are creating ads, campaigns that transform our culture or events, understanding the art of creating memorable experiences sets you apart.

The Founder and CEO of BrainFarm, Dean Carlson, conceptualised and created experiences that saw Sir Richard Branson, Malcolm Gladwell and others become speakers at the summits he organised. He talks about how he made these possible and attributes most of his success to the team of people around him and his insatiable curiosity.

Founder and CEO of BrainFarm, Dean Carlson on creating memorable experiences

The BCX Disrupt Summit by BrainFarm, conceptualised by Dean, included a masterclass by Malcolm Gladwell, which was the first of its kind, and seven-time Grammy Award winner,, on the same event. We discuss how he convinced Malcolm Gladwell to host his first masterclass in South Africa and the collaborations that were part of the experience, where Porsche became a partner.

“Obsess over the small details because that’s what elevates the memorable experiences you create.” – Dean Carlson, CEO and Founder of BrainFarm

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Leading up to their Growth Hacker Marketing event, where author and marketing guru Ryan Holiday was a speaker, Dean Carlson and his team created the world’s largest mosaic artwork using ground coffee beans as a medium. They set a Guinness World Record with a DJ Black Coffee art installation at Sandton City, which was in collaboration with Percy Maimela.

To connect seemingly unconnected dots in your work and create memorable experiences, click play below and find out how the Founder and CEO of BrainFarm, Dean Carlson, does it:

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