Jarred Cinman

Jarred Cinman unpacks some thoughts on diversity of thought within teams and some leadership insights.

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever for brands and agencies to be able to create the future. This means being able to distil intelligence from all the data and trends available, and then using that intelligence to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers.


Jarred Cinman, CEO of VMLY&R South Africa, is a visionary who leads the charge in many aspects of marketing, advertising, and the role of technology in these spaces. In this episode, we discuss some of his thoughts on staying ahead of the curve while coming up with solutions for brands to solve some of their most complex problems.

“Agencies have a good handle on the solutions, but they often don’t take the time to understand the client’s problem well enough, and that’s where the breakdown happens.”

– Jarred Cinman, CEO of VMLY&R, South Africa – On The Lead Creative Podcast

We also talk about artificial intelligence (AI), which he believes has the potential to add significant value to brands and agencies but isn’t a magic bullet.

Cinman also unpacks some thoughts on diversity of thought within teams and some leadership insights.

He also takes us through an opinion piece he wrote about The Loeries, which seemed to leave the advertising industry divided, while also enabling some much-needed industry conversations.

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