Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: Nurturing Successful Client-Agency Relationships: Khaya Dlanga

Marketing Executive, bestselling author and content creator, Khaya Dlanga shares some of his creative strategies and insights on brand-agency partnerships.

Successful client-agency relationships take great effort and lead to even greater returns, which in turn ensure ROI. Marketing Executive, bestselling author and content creator, Khaya Dlanga shared some of his creative strategies and insights on partnerships between brands and agencies.

The Value Of Constructive Debates in Creative Work – Khaya Dlanga

Having held key leadership positions at top agencies and with his experience as a Marketing Executive at Rain, Heineken and Coca-Cola; Dlanga has led impactful and award-winning brand campaigns on a local and global scale. He shares his views on how brands can work better with their agencies and vice-versa.

“As a client, I valued constructive debates with agencies that prioritised the brand’s interests over my personal preferences,” Bestselling Author, Marketing and Advertising Executive, Khaya Dlanga.

We also discuss how he sustains his creative process when writing books, creating content and working with brands. He also shares advice for young creatives and anyone who’s working on anything that requires long-lasting creative commitment.

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