Pepe Marais

The role of defining your purpose in building businesses, agencies, and creative teams, is as important as strategy and planning.

The co-founder and Group Chief Creative Officer of Joe Public, Pepe Marais, tells us how purpose led to the growth of their business and his personal growth.

We talk about how focusing on purpose contributed to the growth of Joe Public, making it one of Africa’s most revered agencies. Pepe talks about some of their key turning points, from selling their business to an international holding company, facing insolvency, and rising above it all to create some of the most inspired work that helps to shape our society.

“If I speak to advertising, I can safely say, 99% of all the creative communication out there does not add value to the media space that it occupies – at all.” – Pepe Marais, Co-Founder and Group Chief Creative Officer of Joe Public

The Lead Creative podcast

Pepe Marais believes that purpose can help to unearth greatness and growth in business, life, and society.

On purpose: Pepe Marais, Co-Founder and Group Chief Creative Officer of Joe Public

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