Brent Lindeque

Discover how Brent Lindeque’s Good Things Guy cultivates a hopeful community through authentic connection – and the platform’s strategy to building collaborations with brands.

Building a connected community that partners with brands goes beyond social media, it requires authenticity and consistency. The founder and editor in chief of Good Things Guy, Brent Lindeque has built one of the most significant good news communities in South Africa and beyond.

In this episode, Brent Lindeque shares insights on building a platform that connects communities and remaining relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape. He emphasises the importance of authenticity and values in brand partnerships and highlights the power of partnerships and giving back. Brent also discusses the exciting trends of TikTok and vidcasting in the influencer space. Overall, his strategy is to lead with kindness and consistency, creating a feeling of hope and optimism through Good Things Guy.

Key takeaways

  • Be open to change and consistently evolve to remain relevant in the digital landscape.
  • Choose brand partnerships that align with your values and focus on your community.
  • Authenticity and context are key in brand partnerships, allowing the content creator to use their unique voice to deliver the message.
  • Building a community requires consistency, authenticity, and a focus on inspiring and connecting with individuals.
  • Exciting trends in the influencer space include TikTok and vidcasting, which offer new opportunities for creativity and engagement.

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