Advertising and Media Consumption Trends in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa

Kenya leads the world in internet advertising growth and podcast advertising spend in South Africa set to hit R232-million by 2027. We unpack the latest in advertising and media trends in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa with PwC’s insights.

The ever-evolving media consumption landscape impacts advertising spend, consumer behaviour and brand engagement. PwC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook Report has been tracking media consumption trends since 2010, providing valuable insights for brands to make informed advertising and marketing decisions.

In this episode, Charles Stuart, PwC South Africa’s Entertainment and Media Partner, sheds light on the latest findings. He shares how, over the past 13 years, consumers and internet users have transitioned from owning content to prioritising access. This change highlights a consumer preference for having a wide array of content at their fingertips rather than owning it.

We also discuss what the decline of traditional media platforms – such as print and broadcast – means for advertising spend in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.  While radio is experiencing a downturn in South Africa, it’s growing in Kenya and continues to be significant in Nigeria.

Kenya boasts the highest internet advertising growth rate among the 53 territories covered in the global report.

He also shares insights on the growth of podcast advertising in South Africa – from R157 million to R232 million by 2027, an 8.2% compound annual growth rate.

These and other topics form part of our latest episode, offering a deeper understanding of media consumption and advertising trends in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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