Brand and content creator collaboration opportunities with Google and YouTube

In this episode, we kick off our series of conversations with digital platforms that form part of most brand and content strategies.

Content creators, brands, and agencies are constantly looking for the most relevant information around collaborating with some of the world’s leading digital platforms.

Google’s Head of B2B Marketing in Sub-Saharan Africa & Head of Marketing in South Africa, Asha Patel joins our host, Mongezi Mtati, to discuss some of the opportunities available for creators and brands across Google and YouTube. These range from the $100-million YouTube Shorts Fund for Shorts content creators to information on how you can partner with Google.

Asha Patel, Google’s Head of B2B Marketing Sub-Saharan Africa & Head of Marketing in South Africa

“What we found in the long-form vs short-form content is that you should use short-form to remind people and use long-form to change their mind. If you are a challenger brand and you want people to switch over, use a longer piece of content.”

Asha Patel, Google’s Head of B2B Marketing SSA & Head of Marketing in South Africa

She agrees with the insight shared by Nonhlanhla Dlamini in a previous episode that hyper-localisation in content increases relevance to your audiences. For brands, Asha also shares ways that advertisers and brands can optimise their advertising.

Their small business initiatives from mentorship to business tools also come up in the conversation.

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