The Practice and Finding Your Smallest Viable Audience

Marketing legend, entrepreneur and the author of 20 books that have been translated into 37 languages, Seth Godin, joins us to share some of his latest thinking.

His global bestselling books include Purple Cow, Linchpin, The Dip, All Marketers are Liars and others. We talk about growing your community and some insights on what makes the most effective B2B marketing.

Seth Godin on organising your tribe

Seth’s insights about creative work and marketing have helped to shape what we know as modern marketing, and we get into some of his findings in this episode. His latest book titled The Practice which helps people in creative industries to create and consistently share their work.

“The idea of The Practice is not that we will get to perfect, it’s that we will get to generous. That maybe you can do something that someone else will say ‘thank you’ for.”


Seth Godin

We also get into the significance of advertising in the ever-changing digital and content consumption landscape, as well as how brands and content creators can stand out in the crowded and noisy marketplace. We go beyond the demographics into how you can build your tribe, your smallest viable audience of people who buy into your vision.

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Mongezi Mtati in conversation with Seth Godin on The Lead Creative Podcast

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