Mpho Monareng

WOW Media founder Mpho Monareng shares his insights on building a successful creative business and personal brand, balancing agency work and TV appearances, overcoming imposter syndrome, and using Generative AI in the creative process.

Establishing a trusted personal brand while growing a creative agency is no simple task. In this episode, we explore the journey of WOW Media founder, Mpho Monareng, and discover how he’s successfully navigated these waters.

From Creative to TV Star

Mpho’s career has seen him build Toast Media, a noteworthy independent creative agency, and later, WOW Media. But he didn’t stop there. This powerhouse balanced his agency work with TV appearances, collaborating with eminent brands like Klipdrift, Iwisa, Bioplus, Capitec, and more.

Wrestle Doubt and Embrace Value

Mpho resonates with many creatives as he too faces challenges negativity and imposter syndrome.

His message?

“Believe in your craft; if you see its value, let no one diminish it, not even yourself.” ~ Mpho Monareng, Founder of WOW Media

The Lead Creative Podcast

Generative AI: A Creative Partner

We also discuss the role of Generative AI in the realm of creativity, especially tools like ChatGPT, opening doors to unexplored platforms.

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