Becoming a content creator and brand influencer

Content creator, influencer and entrepreneur, Vije Vijendranath shares how they built an their credibility from a side hustle to a credible brand influencer, and content marketing business that works with global brands.

Building credibility to become a sought-after content creator and brand influencer takes time and effort. Co-founder of MomSays and content creator, Vije Vijendranath, who is known as VijeV, shares how his content creation journey evolved from a side hustle to a sustainable business.

We discuss what aspiring content creators and influencers should consider and do while building their profiles to collaborate with brands. Vije also says that brands should research their influencers to ensure that they are the right fit, instead of trying to turn them into advertising for a different format.

Echoing similar sentiments to Seth Godin earlier in the season, Vije attributes his success to laser focus on building his community and not trying to appeal to everyone. He believes that your community will follow your work wherever you go, whether that’s on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or any platform of your choosing. 

Focus on building your audience – VijeV

Be consistent and create content that resonates with you first and be authentic, without pandering to brands or following the “next big thing.”

To date, Vije has worked with many recognisable global brands such as Disney, Volvo, Land Rover, Johnson & Johnson, Hasbro, and many others.

“If you can focus on building your community, you can “defeat” the algorithm. Or you can use the algorithm to your advantage by being consistent with your content. Choose your path and choose wisely.” – Vije Vijendranath, Co-founder of MomSays & Content Creator

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Brands and agencies that collaborate with influencers and content creators that are considering taking the leap will find immense value in this conversation.

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