Building Your Community and Personal Brand: Sol Phenduka

Podcaster, broadcaster, media personality and producer, Sol Phenduka shares how he built his personal brand and continues to make waves.

A strong personal brand in the creative, media and other industries helps to position you and enables your work to reach a wider audience. Podcaster, broadcaster, media personality and producer, Sol Phenduka built his brand over time and continues to make waves in various spaces.

Focus on your strengths – Sol Phenduka

We discuss his return following a hiatus from the media industry and how he rebuilt his craft, where he now co-hosts the 959 Breakfast on Kaya. He attributes some of his success to luck, authenticity and being more open to sharing a human experience that is not sanitised.

The Podcast And Chill co-host says it’s important to understand and stay true to your community, which they stuck to while navigating some of the complexities of engaging on social media. Similar to some of our previous episodes, Phenduka highlights the importance of testing your ideas with various people and exploring as many platforms as possible

“When luck meets preparation and talent, you get a break.” ~ Sol Phenduka, Media Personality, Podcaster and Producer

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