Ivan Moroke

Discover how brand equity helps brands like Woolworths, Nando’s and FNB thrive in tough economies, with insights from Ivan Moroke and the Kantar BrandZ report.

Brands wrestle with the idea of increasing sales and building brand equity, which is often exacerbated by a tough economy. In this episode, a seasoned Marketing Strategist and the CEO of Kantar, South Africa, Ivan Moroke delves into the latest findings to share why brand equity allows brands to withstand economic downturns.

Sharing findings from the 2023 Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable South African Brands Report, Ivan unpacks the value of difference and salience as aspects that enable companies with strong brands to remain top of mind. He mentions Woolworths, FNB, Nando’s and others as South African brands that leverage their difference to win more share of wallet, even in difficult times.

Being different makes brands be more competitive – Ivan Moroke

Would you like to stand out in your marketing efforts?

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Conversation chapters

  • 00:00: Introduction to the episode and guest Ivan Moroke.
  • 02:07: Ivan discusses the transformation of marketing strategies over the years.
  • 04:30: The crucial role of data in deriving insights and driving strategic decisions.
  • 08:33: Navigating personalization in marketing while respecting consumer privacy.
  • 11:54: Key trends that are shaping the future of brands
  • 16:35: Demonstrating value in marketing initiatives
  • 17:48: Insights from Kantar BrandZ on brand equity and its financial impact.
  • 20:07: The balance between global brand identity and local market relevance.
  • 23:12: Building brand salience and its importance for new brands.
  • 25:36: Addressing brand safety concerns in the ever-evolving social media landscape.
  • 28:40: The implications of staying on controversial platforms for brands.
  • 31:07: How local brands can leverage findings from the Kantar BrandZ in their strategies.
  • 33:59: Adapting global brand strategies to fit local market contexts.
  • 42:00: Strategies for brand resilience and maintaining customer loyalty during economic downturns.
  • 45:23: Balancing personalization and consumer privacy in brand messaging.
  • 48:49: A thought-provoking question for Jeff Bezos on his marketing approach.
  • 51:11: Wrapping up the insightful discussion.

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